I interviewed Poesía Urbana for “Tírate”, a Miami Media School TV Show.


Tv Producer : Zara Hernández

Producer assistant: Omar Longo

Cameras : Christian Schneeweihs, Lisett Meléndez

TV host and Edition : Juli Campi

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If I thought it was difficult moving from Argentina to England, well… I was wrong! That was easy.

Moving from England to USA well that was really hard, I was very excited of coming to Miami but once I arrived I said to myself…I will never move from our small flat again!

Let me going in to details: organizing job contract and insurance, place where to stay when we arrive, real state for our flat and new tenants, flats and visa, and ship our stuff to USA wasn’t easy at all. All that when you are 30 + weeks pregnant… so that included a new doctor in US!

But once I move to Miami I felt a lot more happy,  weather  was incredible and I could speak English and Spanish anytime.

So four weeks after we move to USA my other love, Sienna arrived to our lives. I can’t describe all the emotions that I went threw with her arriving. We, the two of us, Luke and I, him with a new job and both with a newborn . Let me tell you… we weren’t bored at all!

After a couples of months to settle down in a new city, we visited London and Argentina, so Sienna could see their grandparents. On my way back I started thinking in getting a new job or start studying.

One day I was around Brickell for a stroll with my baby and suddenly I saw the Media School Ad, I didn’t think it too much. I went in and  I asked for information and I thought this will be a great opportunity for me to start my Media career.

So I did this…. Now I finished my studies, I learnt so much! and I met great people. In spite of the difficulties, for me was the best decision that I could make. I am grateful because I had this opportunity of learning  from experienced instructors and I practice what I was learning. Something that would never happened neither in Argentina nor London.

I am very happy and proud, for me it is a big achievement, and I am absolutely sure that with sacrifice and hard work we can achieve our purposes.

Now Miami is my new home and my next step is to work in the Media world!

Pictures of this year (2016) in Miami, my new home!

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