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If I thought it was difficult moving from Argentina to England, well… I was wrong! That was easy.

Moving from England to USA well that was really hard, I was very excited of coming to Miami but once I arrived I said to myself…I will never move from our small flat again!

Let me going in to details: organizing job contract and insurance, place where to stay when we arrive, real state for our flat and new tenants, flats and visa, and ship our stuff to USA wasn’t easy at all. All that when you are 30 + weeks pregnant… so that included a new doctor in US!

But once I move to Miami I felt a lot more happy,  weather  was incredible and I could speak English and Spanish anytime.

So four weeks after we move to USA my other love, Sienna arrived to our lives. I can’t describe all the emotions that I went threw with her arriving. We, the two of us, Luke and I, him with a new job and both with a newborn . Let me tell you… we weren’t bored at all!

After a couples of months to settle down in a new city, we visited London and Argentina, so Sienna could see their grandparents. On my way back I started thinking in getting a new job or start studying.

One day I was around Brickell for a stroll with my baby and suddenly I saw the Media School Ad, I didn’t think it too much. I went in and  I asked for information and I thought this will be a great opportunity for me to start my Media career.

So I did this…. Now I finished my studies, I learnt so much! and I met great people. In spite of the difficulties, for me was the best decision that I could make. I am grateful because I had this opportunity of learning  from experienced instructors and I practice what I was learning. Something that would never happened neither in Argentina nor London.

I am very happy and proud, for me it is a big achievement, and I am absolutely sure that with sacrifice and hard work we can achieve our purposes.

Now Miami is my new home and my next step is to work in the Media world!

Pictures of this year (2016) in Miami, my new home!

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I comeback to my home city Tucumán to finish my studies, while I started a long distance relationship with my love Luke, after four years and finishing my studies I moved to London with him.  It was an adventure for me, living in other country when I never thought that I will leave Argentina.

During my life in London I started studying English because I couldn’t speak well, I could understand some words but I wasn’t fluent al all, so I studied for a year an a half  in a English school for foreigners. I think it was the best decision that I could make because otherwise would have been impossible to get a job. My very first job in London was freezing my ass on the street, giving flyers for a Christmas and New Year’s Eve party while I was wearing a Santa hat. After that, things got a lot better so my next job was an amazing opportunity at the Mc Donald’s next to my school (was such a great experience! The job included helping mostly rude costumers, maintaining the tables clean, cleaning the floors and taking the rubbish out). As you can imagine I couldn’t get enough of this but after a couples of months and an awful and crazy manager I quit and I found a job as a nanny looking after a very cute baby boy, so I was a lot more happy.

While I was enjoying London with Luke and their friends, studying and working , anytime that we had the opportunity (weekends or bank holidays) we bought a ticket to any european city. I never thought that I will had the opportunity to go to Europe ( my dream of traveling was going to Brazil) so I visited: Rome, Barcelona, Corfu, Edinburgh, Brussels, Paris (three times), different places in France Bordeaux, la Rochelle, Saint Emilion, Niece, Istanbul, Duvrobnic, Cork (Ireland), different places and cities in England. I wasn’t planing to travel any of this places just happened!

After living together for two years and a romantic proposal we got married in my home city Tucuman, and we went for honeymoon to brazil (my dream came true) I was so happy all this time! After that we comeback to London and we started looking for a home, we bought a small house after a year and three rejected offers, the real-estate in London is another world.

I remember the first night that we lived in our house, having a pizza seating in a chair without any other furniture, but we had a big smile in our faces.

After almost a year we had the most terrific news …We were pregnant! At that time I had several jobs working in fashion and retail. While I was in London I discovered the fashion and the retail world, I  really liked but I was trying to get a new and a better position but I didn’t get any. I was a frustrated and worried that I would never have a really good job, so I spoke to Luke that was time to comeback to Argentina or any country in Latinoamerica.

London was a mix : Amazing experiences with my love, also meeting new people and places but in the other hand my professional side was going anywhere. Anyway I am very grateful to this city for all that taught me. London has a part of my heart and I feel that city as my second home.

Suddenly Luke got a job offer in Miami, and we decided to jump to a new adventure and start again all over again!

Pictures of my last time in London, my second home.

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