Stage 1. My home city : Tucumán

Before we start my journey, I will tell you a bit of myself.

I was born in a small city in the North Argentina, Tucumán.

I am the eldest of two children. I had a beautiful childhood but my family always had a lot of economical problems in a city where there wasn’t many opportunities for young people.

In spite of my mom and dad (and my maternal grandparents) did a enormous sacrifice and sent me to a private school. I am very grateful that.

I always loved the media, I remember reading the newspaper and going to sleep listening the radio at very young age. Also at every school event I always wanted to participate, acting or reading, now that I remembering this was funny, because I wasn’t (and I am still not ) the most extrovert person in the world. I think my teachers tought the same so I wasn’t very lucky and for the annual school event I always had mostly a Saint Jose part, baby Jesus Father (I went to a catholic school) because I was the tallest of my class.

Anyway even when I wasn’t encourage for my school at my media passion I always wanted to work on TV, but when I had to choose a carrer at the university I decided to choose Law. I think because for different reasons, I was confused , I was quite good at history and social science, my family was doing a big investment on me so I had to choose the safest career and always I liked to fight the injustices, plus my tiny city has two channels and a lot of people already working there that means there wasn’t vacancies.

So I did start studying Law convinced that I was doing my best and after getting my professional degree I would have a safe job and stay for ever in my tiny city. I think that decision also was affected for the inesperated death of my father too. I think for around a year my head was not in this planet was somewhere else.

Anyway, my plan didn’t work…

After three years studying law I started feeling bored and I was stucked in one of the university program subjects, so I decided to move to the Capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Images from Tucumán, my home city.  This pictures were taken by myself last year.

Stage 2. A (gap ?) year in Buenos Aires.

I convinced my mom that I would move to Buenos Aires just for 6 months, and I would come back to carrying on studying for my Law degree. I went to the biggest city in Argentina with no money at all , but my plan (of course I had another brilliant plan) was succeed in my modeling career.

Well, of course that didn’t happened… But at least I had some modeling and promotional jobs to pay my rent and my food. Even when I met good friends I couldn’t go out too much because I was living basically broke. Buenos Aires was way too much more expensive that I thought! Anyway I had these really nice friends from England (they were “studying Spanish” and “working” ( it was their gap year, they didn’t how lucky they were…) and they invite me to their parties… so in one of this parties I met to the love of my life, Luke.  A very shy guy from Hereford and that was for me, love at first sight.

I was seeing him a couple of times, and I was so happy that finally someone who I really like was interested on me, I thought that was too good to be true so I tried to be cautious because I knew that nothing “serious” will happen because he had to comeback to England to finish their studies and I decide the same. I went back to my home city because the big city was too chaotic and expensive, my friends were going back to England and with them I was feeling protected. Also I didn’t have any signal that my modeling career will become successful, so I decide to comeback and carry on studying, the only that I thought was good at…but those months living by my own in a big city, definitely taught more than a year in any university, but wasn’t a gap year at all ( was another type of gap year, very different! If I had to compare with my friends gap year…).

Some pictures of my personal album from the last time that I visited Buenos Aires.

Thank you for visiting!



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